Membrane for Awings & Canopies

  • 03-01-2016
Membrane for Awing & Canopies

Awnmax is a premium backlit and designed for large commercial, Institutional, retail and franchise related products.
Awnshatle is a premium front-lit awing material.

Awnmax is the first choice with awing manufacturers and specifiers where quality, appearance, long-term durability, color fastness, strength, ease of maintenance and proven performance are required.

Tje 19.1 oz. material fearures a unique and patented scrim (base fabric) which makes Awnmax the strongest awing material manufactured. The ultra-smooth surface is treated with a specially formulated acrylic topcoat for ease of maintenance.

The Awnmax family of products includes Awnmax, Awnshade, Awnscreen and SA Transparent Membrane.

*Awnmax:10 year warranty

*Awnshade:8 year warranty  

*Stronger. exceedingly strong, better resistance to punctures and tearing
*Ease of maintenance. stays cleaner longer, easier to clean when required
*Best translucent quality: two to five time more translucence. Not juns brighter, but better quality illumination
*Color consistency: Offering un-paralleled color (dye lot) consistency from production to production.