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  • 12-05-2014
PVDF-Film series/ Polymer Fabric Manufacturer
Architectural fabric products
Fluorine Film Laminating Fabric

PVDF-FL (Fluorine Film Laminated Fabric)  Weldable! 

Newly developed product, PVDF-FL series have a high quality thicker fluorine layer onto the PVC coated fabric.
It provides durable protection to maintain an attractive appearance.
PVDF-FL series are suitable fabrics for structures that require a high quality appearance.

Difference of PVDF-FL and PVDF coating

PVDF-FL has a high quality fluorine top layer which is more than 5 times thicker than PVDF-coating.
This top layer brings superior dirt resistance and durability of surface.

PVDF-FL is a suitable product for projects that require superior long-term dirt resistance, and is a well-balanced product than laminating fabric.


† Weldability(HF welding)
† Dirt resistance(for Roof)
† Durability
† Cost

Graph showing the level of long term dirt resistance versus cost of fabric production.
PVDF-FL has far superior dirt resistance.

PVDF-FL - Dirt resistance of surface

Grey scale
About Delta E, Classification of Grey scale comparing with original fabrics.
Comparison of the dirt resistance in outdoor exposure test for each sample by a color difference.
Location of outdoor exposure test : Saitama Prefecture in Japan.
Finish Type Laminated Fluorine
PVDF coating
dirt test ΔERoof After 31 months ΔE=3.4 ΔE=10.3
JIS Gray scale After 31 months 4th class 2nd-3rd class

Outdoor exposure test in Japan (After 8 months).

PVDF-FL - Proven dirt resistance

A below picture shows that the outer appearance of a 15-year-old warehouse had been clean condition. 
Dirt adhered initially had been disappearing year by year.

The dirt resistance of PVDF-FL fabric has been proven successful for our warehouse.

PVDF-FL - Durability of surface

Observed surface of sample by a microscope, before and after weathering test.
Weathering test time* : 1,800h ≒ Equivalent of 18 years outdoor exposure.
*Tested by high irradiance metal halide exposure.

Magnified image of PVDF-FL fabric passing the delamination test of immersion in boiling water for 36 hours.

*2Kgf x 1000 times after soaking in the boiled water for 38hours.

PVDF-FL - Lineup

  PES/PVC fabric
Technical data unit 102T-FL 212T-FL 313T-FL 412T-FL
Width mm 2,040 2,040 2,040 2,040
Thickness mm 0.60 0.75 0.92 1.2
Weight g /㎡ 800 940 1,100 1,470
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-751) N / 5cm
W:3,100 F:3,100

W:4,500 F:4,500

W:6,100 F:5,900
W:8,300 F:7,000
Tear Strength (ASTM D-751) N W:180 F:180 W:400 F:400 W:610 F:600 W:950 F:900
Adhesion (ASTM D-751) N / 5cm 80 120 140 150
Crease flex abrasion resistance
(Tested after boiling, JIS K6328)
  n.p. Not Particular n.p. n.p. n.p.