Coating -- PVDF

  • 12-05-2014

PVDF-III is produced by coating and sintered process. Sintered process makes a improvement in the dirt resistance. In addition, sintered process makes an odor of the surface reduce effectively.

PVDF-III - Feature

・ Improved dirt resistance (than PVDF-IIE)
・ Improved durability (than PVDF-IIE)
・ Low odor
・ Mildew resistance
・ Weldable (without scraping away surface)
・ REACH compliance
・ 20 years warranty (PES/PVC fabric)

PVDF-III - Dirt resistance of surface

Comparative evaluation with the outdoor exposure test at Saitama prefecture in Japan.

September 2007 to March 2014 (6.5 years)

Durability of surface

Observed surface of sample by a microscope, before and after weathering test.
Weathering test time* : 1800h ≒ Equivalent of 18 years outdoor exposure.
*Tested by high irradiance metal halide exposure.