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HIRAOKA & CO. LTD. is the leading Japanese manufacturer of polymer coated fabrics.  Established in 1902 we have 112 year history of producing high quality materials with specialty coatings such as Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyurethane and Polyethylene.   

Our fabrics are used in many various fields, ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES, AWNINGS, CANOPIES, TENTS, BANNERS & SIGNS, AUTOMOBILE, MARINE, GEOSYNTHETICS, PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS and others.  We have many great achievements in both the domestic and export markets as a result of our high quality “Made in Japan products”.     

PVDF Series

HIRAOKA manufactures four classes of fabric for architectural applications that allow you to select the level of light that enters the structure; 1) translucent, 2) semi-transparent, 3) transparent and 4) opaque.  All of these materials are available with our proprietary PVDF-IIE surface treatment for supreme dirt resistance, outstanding durability, flame retardancy and UV blocking properties.

Additional options are a high gloss finish, 10-, 15- and/or 20-year warranty and custom colors by special order.  


Our newest innovation is the semi-transparent / transparent series which offer high light transmission combined with high tensile strength.  These new fabrics can be combined together with our translucent, opaque or colored materials for use on the same architectural project.

Semi-Transparent (SAC series) - More than 30% light transmission

An ultra-high translucent fabric with the following light transmission rates, 

Type I (Transmission 40%)

Type II (Transmission 35%) 

Type III (Transmission 30%) 

Used for tension, frame and air supported structures, this series can be combined with our traditional translucent and/or opaque fabrics.  By using the same base fabric scrim in these materials, they will all have similar biaxial stretch behavior characteristics allowing them to perform the same.  A 15 year warranty also applies to these membranes.

Transparent (SX series) – Approximately 60% transmission

The highest level of light transparent fabrics from Hiraoka.  These materials allow you to create an indoor environment that feels like the bright outdoors.  These incredibly durable fabrics permit very high levels of natural light into a structure, while filtering out the harm full UV rays, creating a safe wonderful indoor ambience.  These transparent membranes can also be combined with the more traditional white fabrics in the same structure.